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Data Analytics

"AZ Data Consulting helped us fill the gap with producing deeper analyses through a variety of reports. All methodology was clearly defined so that our clients knew the reports being provided were done with the utmost accuracy and proper structure."

SVP Digital & Emerging Media, Kyle Cook

Data Services

Business Analytics

We will analyze past business performance to gain insights into your current problems. This understanding will allow us to develop a plan of action to improve your business and overall KPIs.

Marketing Analytics

Often, marketing teams lack ad hoc steps for their campaigns and analysis, leaving many teams unable to distinguish a significant difference in lift. Using inferential statistics, our team will help design experiments that will honestly know the results of your campaigns. Our team will also analyze your customers to establish defined segments, allowing you to target your customers with more relevant ads.

Data Analytics

Every company has unused raw data that can be insightful about business, customers, products, and the future. Our team of experts will take a thorough analysis of your data, providing you with outstanding reports, forecasting models, customer journey maps, and more. We pride ourselves on finding valuable insights for our clients to excel in their industry.

Consultants Who Care


AZ Data Consulting helps our clients understand the true story behind their data. All of our analysts understand how vital inferential statistics are when analyzing data. We are skilled in transforming complex ideas into simple, understandable concepts for our clients. 

We take pride in our motto, "Messy Data Is Fun Data." Indeed, our consultants love cleaning data, developing a detailed analysis, and seeing the enterprise impact of our work.

Data Reporting Services


A/B Testing


Experimental Design


Data Cleaning


Data Reports


Report Automation




Query Creation


Significance Testing

Those services are just the tip of the iceberg! Contact us to learn more

Ours Process

Business Understanding

Business Understanding
We take the time to learn about your business. We will develop a sound understanding of your entire scope through talking with stakeholders. This method allows us to focus on what your company truly needs out of our reports.

Data Exploration 

We will take a thorough analysis of your data to unlock its hidden story, and we will document any data caveats that could affect future reports throughout the process. By the time this phase is complete, our consultants will become your data experts.

Report Creation

We will create reports, experimental designs, or viable models your business can grow into. Our consultants communicate with the stakeholders, so each project assigned meets the agreed-upon needs and requirements.


Our consultants will be there for all your needs during and after the project is complete. AZ DATA Consulting is dedicated to seeing your business improve and grow.

Intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) with key performance indicators (KPI) dashbo

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