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Modern Digital Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

We speak to each of your stakeholders who have experience in the requested project to build an internal understanding of your situation. We conduct extensive external research of your industry to have a complete business account.

How will our project get done?

We will discuss and map out an estimated number of hours needed to complete your project. Then we will plan out each task across multiple sprints. You will have access to my board to view the progress of the project constantly.

How do I know that AZ Data Consulting is the right consulting agency for me?

Our company employs honest individuals who know their bounds and limits. We will contact you if we have someone that can complete your project after speaking with your relevant stakeholders and conducting our external research.

What happens after I fill out the contact form?

We will reach out to you and schedule a meeting to learn more about your needs.

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